Mclusky – album review


Mclusky – Mcluskyism (Too Pure)


The spirit of Mclusky’s punky debauchery has taken full physical form on this, their ‘greatest hits’ collection – and with devastating consequences.  Before they split up, their finest songs were buried beneath equally staggering, but less accessible, barrages, which meant Mclusky were too often the preserve only of diehard aficionados or genre-specific fans. 


Listening to this album is like asking a friend to stab you in the face as part of a last chance bid to alleviate the boredom of ITV’s Dancing on Ice.  The immediate sensation is one of desperate, exalted relief and, when that passes, light-headed fatigue sets in.  Yet before the chance for full recuperation is granted, the unabashed desire to do it again becomes a reality.


Every one of the twelve songs here is in its own right an outstanding burst of mediated brute-force – but all twelve together are a ferocious aural monster of the highest pedigree.  Songs like Rice is nice and Undress for Success exhibit the band’s tongue-in-cheek lyricism whilst maintaining a sing-along melody – well, at least for a few seconds.  But that’s just the first disc.  For those still standing, a further two await, with the third culminating in several shattering live tracks.  One thing’s for certain – you won’t be watching TV again.



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