Maximo Park – live review

Exeter Cavern, 17th February 2005


It’s all too easy to declare that ‘Apply some pressure’, Maximo Park’s break-through single, would have been a clarion call for UK guitar bands to contest our mainstream trite, if only it had struck 18 months earlier. 


Yet with a chorus catchier than mumps it cannot feasibly be ignored, regardless of release timing.  And besides, comparisons with Franz Ferdinand and the Futureheads are rendered decidedly inadequate when Maximo Park have additionally been likened to discordant punk fiends Mclusky (!)  Evidence enough, then, of this band’s diverse assortment of tones, unabashedly blended with all-embracing pop melodies that compel you to sing along heartily.


But with Exeter Cavern only half full, word of the infectious Geordie outfit has evidently been delayed in spreading down from Newcastle.  Only a lucky few had the pleasure of encountering Maximo’s startling aural concoction, thrust in their unsuspecting faces like when a small, rubbish looking dog lets out a rather large bark.


Not that Maximo Park’s appearance was anything less than dashing.  Frontman Paul Smith, in sharp suit, strutted about like a dominant peacock, keen to emphasise the notion that his band is worth taking notice of.  The Cavern obliged unreservedly: it wont be long before the rest of us do too.



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