Jetplane Landing – live review

The Cavern, Saturday the Fourth of October, Two Thousand and Four



Value-wise, Jetplane Landing is your best bet.  The outlay (£) to pleasure received (J) ratio of a ticket to see this Irish four-piece looks healthier than any ‘small’ band you care to mention.  But I’m not talking about cheap thrills.  Even if money is no object, Jetplane’s passion and dizzying potency will leave you all confused as to why you paid £100 to watch the Rolling Stones on a big TV last year.  So long as bands like Jetplane are around, you tell yourself, you wont be doing that again.


This band is the antithesis to watching rock dinosaurs at work.  Witnessing them sear through track after track from their latest long-player Once Like A Spark is like having your head plunged into the fire of their virgin soul and not being able to pull it out.  And, when they finally decide to release you, having just culminated their set with a rare live performance of early song Tiny Bombs, you are left blistered and exhausted but utterly, utterly pure.


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