Blink 182 – album review



Blink 182 – Greatest Hits (Geffen)


With a UK hit single in the early naughties, Blink 182’s reputation was sealed.  Disposable, irritating, shit.


That dreadful All the small things gets stuck and festers in your head like the bedroom stench of the sweaty brats that bought it.  Right?


Wrong, asshole!  This collection demonstrates, perhaps for the first time, just how many damned grand songs belong to this band.  Unless you already possess one of their previous half-dozen albums, don’t expect to recognise more than two or three of the nineteen chant-along chunks.  That means any doubter has the opportunity to start afresh with (lets screw up our faces and admit it) the finest and most original ‘pop-punk’ – and that should mean great pop songs played at break-neck speed – band ever to plunder our communal ear.


Incorporating a decade-worth of such treats, the record throws up a fistful from each album, including several tracks from 2003’s self-titled offering over which, thanks to the sheer musicality of the content, pedantic critics were forced to eat their words.  So it would be ludicrous not to gobble up the rest of Blink 182’s dirty words right now.


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