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Bond moment

Posted in Film with tags on November 5, 2008 by James Osborn


Quantum of Solace broke UK box office records on it’s opening weekend.  It is testament to the renewed strength of the 007 brand that, in the cinema on Sunday, I had three 15-year old girls sitting behind me.  This is an occurrence that the film studio could only have dreamt about in the dying days of Brosnan’s Bond, when the appeal of the agent had waned to a point lower than a hoof.ga2

Casino Royale, with its fresh, realistic approach and a man under 40 in his pants (plus some clever marketing), captured a new audience for the franchise.  This latest instalment doesn’t disappoint, delivering some breathtaking fight scenes and a glance at Gemma Arterton’s back. 

However, unlike in Casino Royale, Bond’s brutality is not tempered by a fully developed romantic thread to the story and there is none of the agent’s trademark comic relief.  Although the final Brosnan instalment was bloated beyond comprehension, with overused catchphrases and gadgets that would have fitted better into a Harry Potter film (that invisible Aston…), I think Quantum of Solace may have gone a step too far in the other direction.

Those 15-year old girls were attracted by the complete package offered by Casino Royale and – unless Sony Pictures is responsible for permanently altering the female mind – they won’t stick around just to watch men blowing each other’s heads off.

So, the point’s been proven: Bond is back and he’s bloody mental.  But the next instalment needs to reintroduce some of the elements that made him so appealing in the first place.