[Untitled], October ’03


‘Too much small talk leads to a small mind’ counsel’s Preston Ordinary Boy.  So I’ll cut the ‘nicker-të-nack’ and get straight to the point: ‘Peaks and troughs.’  I am, of course, referring to the music ‘scene’.


Just when you think its time to relax the sour-faced embrace of the new sub-standard before unearthing your old Menswear records, passion sears through your heart once again- like when a friend stabs you in the face as part of a last chance bid to relieve the boredom of Channel 4’s ‘Shattered’.  It’s feels like the best thing to save your soul since, well, Menswear.  Menswear were appalling by the way. Or were they?  If you liked them then that’s fine, I was just using them to illustrate the point.  Double bluff and all that.



So, what tickled my French fancy in the last 12 months?  I find myself failing to adequately translate into words what needs to be conveyed with the jangling of a guitar or the moan of an oboe.  Yet unless you will permit me to convey my opinions regarding my one love by means of sound itself, I’m going to have to give it a Jolly McBoly.  Okay, here’s what you have to do: Choose any ‘rock’ offshoot genre at random. Now carefully place the word ‘post’ in front of it.  That should do it.



But for the year ahead?  ‘More of the same please!’  So why limit myself?  Fear of disappointment?  Possibly.  Just take it easy; ‘Not too many risks!’  But I’ll stick my neckerchief out on this one and say that those ‘Boys, and the likes of Eastern Lane, are gonna pull it off.


Best albums of 2003 

1. Effloresce- Oceansize. 

2. The Vertigo of Bliss- Biffy Clyro.  They don’t know the meaning of ‘difficult’ second album.

3. The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place- Explosions in the Sky.  A delicately pictorial, instrumental     rollercoaster.

4. Boy in da Corner- Dizzee Rascal.  Now you see him.  NOW YOU SEE HIM.

5. Once like a Spark- Jetplane Landing.  They’ve bought an overdrive pedal since recording the previous album.  And it works.



Top 5 albums of all time 
  1. Read Music, Speak Spanish- Desaparecidos
  2. Asleep in the Back- Elbow
  3. In Casino Out- At the Drive-In
  4. Roxy Music- Roxy Music
  5. 1000 Hurts- Shellac



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